For the Imaginative


The color association of purple, is for the imaginative. Evoking spirituality and mysticism, it carries the highest vibration of all the colors. Violet (being the color that is visible in a light spectrum, a rainbow) is different to its other “reference”– purple (which is the color that is red and blue mixed). Violet carries many symbolic messages, one of the most important being its imaginative side. It is the escape color, for those seeking “fulfillment,” it is creative and evokes inspiration and originality through its creative endeavors. SO it’s definitely a color that has been long associated with artists, musicians, psychics and writers. It is the color that enjoys being unique and likes to stand out from the crowd. Its long association with royalty and wealth counteracts with its humanitarian side that is more comforting for the less fortunate. A negative aspect to this color is that is vulnerable to allergies and sickness, (pollution being its biggest enemy). Also, a lot of purple can help “depress” people, so it should be used carefully. But keep in mind, purple carries power, and demands respect; it is ambitious and definitely a “leader”.  But for those of the creative spirit this is the color to evoke, its intuitive, imaginative and fantasy-like behavior overrules its “pompous and arrogant” ways.

At Stanzino’s we carry an abundance of purple clothing, from dresses to tops to leggings! Purple is the color for the imaginative and creative; you can find purple in our rings, and our sunglasses. Its vibrant in our fabrics and prints, and stands alone as its “royal” color. Shop purple with like colors or its complimentary (it will make the color stand out more).

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